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✨ Have you been feeling stressed and are in need of some peace of mind or some 'you' time?

✨ Is your nervous system is dysregulated, or are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed?

✨ Do you want to discover how transformational breathwork & movement can be for mind, body and emotions?

✨ Do you want to create lasting lifestyle change?

✨ Do you struggle with your 'inner critic'.. the judgemental inner voice we all have?

✨ Do you need emotional or mental health support?

✨ Do you have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ME, or are you experiencing chronic injury cycles?

✨ Do feel like you tried so many things but haven't found the warmth, understanding and support that you need?

Welcome... You are in the right place!

Having worked as a Yoga Teacher & Counselling Therapist for many years I've seen firsthand how dividing the body & mind slows down healing and change significantly. Long-lasting transformation requires our mind, body, emotions (and our unconscious mind which drives much of our behaviour) to be working towards the same goal.


My unique blend of therapy (The Swan Method) has been created to do just that, bringing together the Wisdom of the East with the Knowledge of the West to work in harmony for you.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Science proves that some of the benefits of a great yoga class are; reduced stress and symptoms of anxiety & depression, increased overall mental wellbeing, a better regulated nervous system, increased proprioception (awareness of and connection to the body), lowered blood pressure, improved sleep, increased balance, less aches and pains, as well as reduced asthma symptoms. 

Research with breast cancer patients also shows they experienced an improved quality of life and a reduction of fatigue too.

What is different about my unique blend of therapy (The Swan Method) & why it works?

Some of the benefits of counselling therapy include: improving mood disorders (such as depression & anxiety), helping with OCD, improving physical health (by improving mental health), teaching coping skills, reducing stress, improving communication skills, increasing feelings of empowerment, life satisfaction, contentment & productivity, as well as improving our relationships & our communication within them.


 However, some of the criticisms of counselling therapy is that it can leave us feeling stuck in our heads, or going round in circles, that things often get worse before they get better, it doesn't teach us to work with the innate intelligence system of our own body & emotions and many therapists don't enough about soothing the nervous system when working with trauma. This means clients can be left feeling dysregulated or 're-traumatised' while trying to heal. 

With my background and extensive experience in both Yoga Teaching & Counselling, I decided it was time to step 'outside of the box' and create my own intuitive healing therapy. I wanted to give clients the chance to work with all aspects of wellbeing, whilst speaking about what they have gone through and how they want their lives to change. My more recent training in Wellbeing Coaching adds another dimension to the work and more options to help clients heal, release and (importantly) make the changes they need to feel more content.;

The Swan Method will teach you to soothe your nervous system, discover tools to cope outside of the therapy room to help you feel more 'in control' of your mind, body & emotions, learn to deepen self compassion (this is so important for our wellbeing!), learn to connect to (and actually listen to) the cues your body & emotions are always giving you, and ultimately, create powerful change! 

Why not out check out the testimonials at the bottom of the page to see what people think, or dive right in and book..

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Sam Y

I simply cannot recommend working with Rosie highly enough.  I know the word "holistic" gets a lot of air-time these days but therapy with Rosie is genuinely holistic.  The mind, the body and your often neglected inner self all get explored in a safe, patient, intuitive and profoundly caring way.  Deep-rooted embodied pain/trauma/fears/"stuff" is given time to be expressed and explored at a very natural pace. It's great to talk but to talk and "release" using Rosie's vast knowledge & wide ranging skills is a truly life-changing combination.  I always left feeling lighter, clearer and more whole.  Do the honestly won't regret a single minute of it. 
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