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My Services

Love your Inner ME

1. Yoga Classes / Tuition

Each of one my classes is small and friendly as I want everyone to feel comfortable in class. I teach a mixture of styles as you can see below. My teaching style is intuitive and class plans are developed to work with the 'energy of the day', which means that a stronger class may become more gentle depending upon moon phases, seasons, or astrological energy.


One of the things I love about yoga is that you can't really get it wrong! Everyone's bodies are different and what works for one person might not be helpful for another, so although I offer suggestions about helpful alignment, listening to your body's cues is actually more important. The real purpose of yoga is to prepare the body and mind to go inwards for meditation (not the poses themselves) to detach from the external world, and the chatter of the mind, and find that ever-peaceful space within. 


At the beginning of yoga we have a period to settle in and breathe, and at end of the yoga there is always space for relaxation. I often use sound (crystal singing bowls or koshi chimes) and poems / readings to help engender a deeper feeling of rest.

Simply drop me a message to book.

Tuesdays, 9:20am

This class is my strongest class in terms of the asana (posture) practice so you'll need either need a reasonable level of fitness or a good knowledge of yoga to join. There's a focus on building strength, fitness, confidence and flexibility but never at the expense of enjoying the breathing, relaxation and philosophical understandings that yoga can bring.

Fridays, 11am, Old Oxted

A beautifully gentle class perfectly suited to anyone suffering with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or just needing to take things slower and relax deeply. We always start lying down - breathing and relaxing and connecting to the intention for the class - then we gently stretch, ease and strengthen the body before returning to more relaxation at the end. No previous yoga experience is needed to join this class.

Fridays, 9:30am, Old Oxted

Mindful yoga is also suitable for all abilities and newcomers too. Because it's based on being really present and aware, it's slower paced than the 'Mixed Ability Yoga Flow' class but more physical than the 'Very Gentle Yoga' and 'Calming Yoga and Long Guided Relaxation' classes. Extra time is allowed for relaxation as it's my longest class (70 minutes) so there's a good 10 minute 'come into the present moment' at the beginning and always time for a decent relaxation/meditation at the end.

Saturdays, 9:15am, Limpsfield Chart

This class is created to suit as many people as possible. It gives you the chance to either deepen your postures or take them down a notch or two. The lovely class is suitable for a newbie to yoga since it's both inclusive and set at a pace that is easy to follow. For anyone who is worried about fitness levels it might be a good idea to  a one to one first or try the a gentler class first so you know what to expect.

5. YOGA TUITION (1:1s)
The Little Lime Yoga Room, Bluehouse Lane, Oxted

Private tuition really helps you develop - no matter what level of experience you have!

I 'tailor' each session to suit your personal needs and focus on teaching a practice you can begin to remember.  Not only are the postures tailored to your requirements, so are the breathing, relaxation and meditation practices. I want to inspire you to find a practice you can connect with so that you can incorporate it into your lifestyle. 

2. The Swan Method - A Unique Healing Therapy

This healing therapy is a creative & intuitive amalgamation of my work as a counsellor, a yoga teacher, and now as a wellbeing coach too, in addition to my own life experience and healing knowledge through shamanic work and energy healing.

The Swan Method shortcuts the healing process with 6 sessions of individually tailored, unique therapy designed to empower long-lasting change. These are offered weekly or bi-weekly and I do ask a client to commit to carrying out all 6 sessions to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves.


self exploration & care


wisdom within the body


active empowerment


nurturing forward momentum

What to Expect?

I have designed this therapy to help identify your blocks and work out how to create the most change possible for you, whilst supporting your nervous system and body to make it easy for you to move forward without overwhelm. 

The first session largely spent talking, so I can understand your personal healing goals and the areas that seem the most blocked. My intention is to help you 'kick-start' your healing here, so I the end of the session will included a tailored relaxation, breathing exercise, guided meditation as well as some kind of 'homework' for you to take with you and continue your progress over the next week or two before we meet again.


There are many tools I can use to align body, mind, and unconscious mind within our sessions (see below) but it is actually the healing space we hold together and the loving relationship I will help you create within yourself that does the real work.


Throughout all of our sessions together, I will be listening not just to your words but to words you can't say, the feelings you show and the ones you suppress, to the sensations you experience in your body as we speak about things that bother you, to your breath patterns, and to your way of speaking to yourself - most of us have a very harsh inner critic that's making our lives a lot more difficult. All of these things help me to identify your unconscious communication, so that we can bring the things that are holding you back into your awareness, gently and lovingly, of course.


- Over ten year's counselling skills and knowledge

- Deeply developed intuition; listening on 'all' levels

- Breath work and chakra work to free up energy blockages

- Guided meditations and inner child meditations

- Balancing the nervous system

- Yoga Nidra relaxations

- Restorative yoga poses to restore, as well as yoga movements to free energy  

- Coaching techniques

- Yoga philosophy of wellbeing and inner connection

- Astrological guidance giving awareness of the current energy and its effects


As with my previous counselling therapy work, I hold all information with you as confidential and will treat anything you choose share with me with the utmost respect. 

Simply drop me a message for a free 10 minute discovery call or book

Solar System

3. Intuitive Astrological Counselling & 
Astrology Readings 

After many years of both loving and learning about astrology I began to see how powerful a tool it is for helping us to understand our emotional needs, our healing needs, our soul desires, and to create powerful change, so of course it also fits as an addition to my talk, embody, heal therapy too.

Intuitive astrological counselling sessions can be incredibly helpful identifying parts of our personality that are blocking our forward momentum, as well as older, healing needs that we might not have been addressing. These therapy sessions can be 'one off' or part of a block of sessions, using the transformational power of astrology alongside yoga and counselling therapy, or on its own. 

Astrology readings can focus on any area of life that you'd like to explore more, including just what your chart has to say about you. Moon readings can help identify healing needs, Node readings can help identify the path of your soul and Solar Return readings can help you understand your year ahead.  And of course, most of these things can be combined in some way to satisfy your own requirements.  If you have a specific question you'd like to have answered, then let me know this beforehand.  Although I can see the transits the planets are making and the ways they might affect your life, predictive astrology is a specialist area, so if there's something you want to know when it's the best time for, then it would be better to contact a predictive astrologer for that. 

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