John Holland
"We all have a beautiful light within...
we just sometimes forget it is there"

A Fresh, New Approach to Healing...


Talk, Embody & Heal - healing therapy

This healing therapy has been inspired from my years of working as both a Counsellor and a Yoga Teacher. Over and over I have seen how difficult it could be for people to shift trauma through talking therapies or body healing therapies alone so I decided to create an integrated fresh, new approach to healing  that addresses the whole person.


"Talk, Embody & Heal therapy is different!

It shortcuts the healing process, creating a space where body, mind and unconscious mind are all working in alignment with each other to heal."


Perhaps you've been working really hard to change your life but still found yourself unable to fully heal?  For example, someone struggling from childhood trauma might have learned to talk about their past & understand how to move forwards yet their body might be storing pain, fatigue, or going into fight/flight mode.  Or perhaps despite huge progress they repeatedly find themselves dealing with similar issues over and over and repeating the same behaviours, showing the unconscious mind is in 'repetition compulsion' mode, still trying to heal.

"Each meeting is intuitively tailored to meet your individual healing needs."

oxted, woldingham & caterham, surrey

What to Expect?

During the first meeting, we will spend most of the time talking so that I can tailor the sessions to your individual needs.  Most people feel comfortable talking with me straightaway, so even in this first session we will be beginning to build a supportive and trusting relationship to create the most helpful healing environment for you. 


The intention of the first session is to explore your personal healing goals and blockages and 'kickstart' your healing process. At some point during this session I will likely guide you into a tailored relaxation, breathing exercise or guided meditation.


There are many tools I can use to align body, mind and unconscious mind within our sessions, but the tools (see below) are not the most important thing.  It is the healing space we hold together & the supportive relationship we are creating for you - with yourself - that is most important. The one common thread to all of our sessions together is that when we are talking, I will be listening not just to your words but to the feelings, sensations, thought patterns and unconscious communication between us.


- Over ten year's counselling skills and knowledge

- Deeply developed intuition and listening on 'all' levels

- Pranayama (powerful breath-work) 

- Chakra work

- Energy healing 

- Inner child meditations

- Yoga Nidra (see Calming Yoga for more info)

- Therapeutic Astrology (focussed on healing blockages and understanding emotional needs)


As with my previous counselling work, I hold all information with you as confidential and will treat anything you choose share with me with the utmost respect

Talk, Embody & Heal Sessions:

£70 for 1 hour

£99 for 90 minutes

Include astrological counselling:

£75 for 1 hour

£105 for 90 minutes