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"We all have a beautiful light within...
we just sometimes forget it is there"

A Fresh, New Approach to Healing Body and Mind...


Intuitive Yoga & Talk Therapy


My Intuitive Yoga & Talk Therapy has been inspired from my work as a Counsellor for over ten years. Over and over I saw how difficult it was for some people to shift emotional trauma through talking alone. Even when the mind was able to understand past and present factors causing distress the body often struggled to let go of the physiological reactions, leaving a kind of mind/body divide in the healing.


To give an example, someone struggling from experiences of being abused as a child might be able to understand logically that this was not their fault and have learned to talk about their past experiences and see how they effect them in their everyday life. However, the body itself may be continuing to respond in the same ways to difficult situations. Perhaps, storing pain, going into fight/flight mode, stopping someone from being able to speak etc.


Yoga & Talk Therapy gives the body the opportunity to have energetic involvement at, or close to, the time of talking for trauma to release more effectively. Essentially, I feel that 'Yoga & Talk Therapy' shortcuts the counselling process and addresses issues in the body at a deeper level than counselling alone. 

For more information about why I developed this therapy please see the 'About Me' tab.

What to expect?

During the first meeting, we will probably spend most of the time talking so that I can understand you and your needs better, with perhaps a short relaxation or some easy exercises to help connect with the breath or unite breath and movement. 


After the initial session, I will intuitively tailor each meeting according to your needs on the day. As with counselling, the working relationship between us will build, giving me a clearer understanding of your needs and what can best support you to heal yourself.  


Because of this, each session can be quite different from the last. Some may be spent primarily talking, others with a focus on chakra, breath work, Yoga Nidra, visualisations or working with certain yoga postures to help connect or reconnect the energy flow in the body. When we are talking, I will be listening not just to your words but to the feelings, sensations, thought patterns and unconscious communication to help identify what will be most helpful for you.


Perhaps it would be helpful for me to share the explanation of one of my 'Intuitive Yoga & Talk Therapy' clients who said simply and beautifully that we "talk for quite a while and then you 'prescribe' yoga and relaxation like a doctor prescribes medicine". 


These appointments, as with my counselling work, are of course confidential and anything you choose share with me will be treated with the utmost respect

Individuals only:

£65 for 1 hour

£85 for 90 minutes

Add astrological counselling:

£75 for 1 hour

£95 for 90 minutes

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