Yoga for Everyone & Every 'Body'

If you can move, you can do yoga! 

Even if you have severe mobility impairment, you can still learn breathing techniques, yoga philosophy and lifestyle as well as meditate and work with the energy centres (chakras) in the body.  The only real limit to yoga is the one you place on yourself. 


The one thing you do need though is find the teacher or class that's right for you.  This is personal choice and there's a yoga teacher for everyone.  So if you've been wondering whether to try yoga why not come along, and see what you think

So what does yoga do...?


Yoga can increase flexibility and build strength, balance and co-ordination in the body.  For these reasons you may experience greater body confidence through the your yoga practice.  Yoga is so much more than just physical though since there is a yogic way of living life (which I speak about in class at times) as well as the general sense of peace, relaxation and well-being you'll receive from breath-work and the rewarding journey towards mediation.  How much you take out of yoga is up to you!

For those of you who prefer a little scientific evidence... the NHS describes the benefits for lower back pain, depression, anxiety, stress, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, aches/pains and states that it helps reduce the risk of falls. Yoga is being increasingly recommended by many health professionals. ​


My own opinion is simple... yoga is a real 'all rounder' for physical, mental and emotional health - as well the peace of the soul.