Time for balance - look back to your roots 🌳❤️🌳

Wow! What an intense and heavy energy it has been recently 😣🤪🥺 Have you been feeling the impact of this latest Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse? If you’re a little more sensitive 💚 to energies like me (which you may well be if you’re reading this post) you’ll have been feeling the intensity for a while now already! The eclipses ask us to come back to our soul path/intentions - the further we’ve strayed away from them - the larger the knock back to our path we’ll receive. So... before I talk more about last night’s Partial Lunar Eclipse and the areas you’re being asked to balance, I’ll give a little more rare explanation of how it affected me! Last week I started to get a little poorly with a sore throat but I just carried on all the same, saying to myself, it’s fine, I can carry on working. And there we have my Moon (emotions and nurturing needs) in Capricorn (work, drive, responsibility and public persona) in my 2nd house (area of value, finance and self worth). What this all means is that one of the ways I’ve learned that I have self value is by being responsible and in control of my life. I keep offering that nurturing energy (since this is my chosen work) to others since it fulfills an emotional need in myself to feel a worthwhile member of society. I can’t just stop classes and 1-2-1’s just because I don’t feel very well - I love my job and, more importantly, people need me!!! Yes the ego will always find a way to tell us lots of stories about just how important we are! So instead of resting and nurturing myself - I forgot about the Cancer polarity - I kept being responsible, showing up and delivering that caring energy outwards, even when I wasn’t really feeling up to it. Self care, I told myself, would have to wait until the holidays now because I’ll have a longer break then so I shouldn’t inconvenience anyone in the meantime. Shoulds and shouldn’ts are always a clue to explore a little more when they come up. And now here I am... stuck in bed resting 🤦🏻‍♀️ over the last couple of days, on penicillin with a nasty throat infection - rendering me unable to talk comfortably and feeling quite poorly and pretty sorry for myself too. And why? Because I wasn’t listening to the need to balance my own nurturing (Cancer) with the nurturing of others (Capricorn - my work). Well ... that’s my lesson learned... hopefully 🤞🏼 So how is this affecting us all then?? The Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn - following the Total Solar Eclipse two weeks ago - is (obviously!) still highlighting our need to find the balance between the Cancer and Capricorn qualities. Cancer represents our inner child, childhood issues and nurturing needs. Capricorn represents our public persona, status, ambitions, issues around authority and our life’s work. How do we look after inner selves and world versus how we drive and push ourselves to achieve in the world around us? It could be seen as the axis between ‘being’ and ‘doing’. So this is all playing out in our lives in some way. Depending on your personal chart you’ll find certain areas of life have been experiencing this heavier energy than others. You need your Ascendant (birth time) to work this out in greater detail. If you’ve got personal planets and points in Cancer & Capricorn (or the other cardinal signs Aries and Libra) then you’ll likely have been feeling challenged for some time already. Capricorn has been home to Pluto (heavyweight planet of deep transformation and soul growth) and is calling us to grow along our soul’s chosen path. Saturn (another heavy karmic energy, asking us to step up and grow up to take responsibility in our lives, every day) has also been in Capricorn for some time now alongside Pluto. Add to this the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn and we’ve been being asked to really find that balance between nurturing our inner child and healing ourselves with the need to live up to society’s expectations and the expectations of those who were in authority (parents and caregivers) when we were young. All of the do’s and don’ts that have been drummed into us all since we were young. In particular, we can find ourselves looking back at the larger themes of our lives and what they taught us about the responsibility to ourselves and to others. We may be finding old stuff coming up for us on an emotional level for very deep healing right now. Can we be open to the call? So what about you?? Have you been looking after yourself??? This energy has been ongoing for some time now. Are you listening to the message??? Are you making the required changes??? Namaste 🙏🏼 

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