Struggling with Anxiety? Find an alternative path to freedom with ‘Yoga for Anxiety’

NEW Unique ‘Yoga for Anxiety’ course created by Experienced Counsellor, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Yoga2Talk Therapy

“My anxiety was debilitating for many years and Rosie’s counselling sessions were unique and very laid back. It was a joy to go there. They helped me open up and be in touch with my feelings which were buried for some time” (Client with Generalised Anxiety Disorder)

What is Anxiety?

The effect of anxiety can be incredibly debilitating for the people who suffer from it and difficult for those around them to truly understand and appreciate. Chronic anxiety (significant anxiety that has carried on for over three months) frequently leads people to change their lifestyle so that they become reliant on a mixture of medication and avoidance of triggering situations in order to cope.

Daily life becomes hard work as coping with anxiety takes centre stage, making even the nice things difficult to enjoy. At times anxiety triggers are obvious and we can predict and prepare for the onset of anxiety but at other times it doesn’t even seem to make sense.

Treating Anxiety

Unfortunately there is little that Doctors can do other than prescribe medication such as antidepressants - many of which have an anxiety-relieving function - and beta blockers, which remove only the symptoms of anxiety. Those who are ‘lucky’ will get offered CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) which can help but is always time-limited and can really only skim the surface of the problem to help a patient understand their condition better. Others will simply receive telephone counselling, which again can help but is even more limited and impersonal too.

So where do we go when we have anxiety? Many people will have to see a counsellor on a private basis, meaning that they pay for their counselling directly and are therefore in control of how much help they receive. Counselling provides a one-to-one supportive atmosphere in which the counsellor will help a client to speak about the things that are bothering them.

Research has shown that the most helpful thing about counselling has proven to be the relationship that develops between the counsellor and the client so that the right ‘space’ can be provided for healing. If we don’t feel comfortable enough with a counsellor it simply won’t work.

*Because our wounds have been created in connection with others it is only in connection (with others and ourselves) that these wounds can truly heal*

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a way to really connect deeply with yourself. Although most media images will have you believing that yoga is about standing on your head and other such acrobatic feats (see previous Blog Post ‘Want The Perfect Yoga Body? You Already Have One!’) it’s actually about providing the right space mentally and physically to be able to sit quietly and comfortably in order to meditate. This doesn't mean that yoga poses (asana) aren't important, just that they are one of the many 'techniques' that yogi's use to prepare the body and mind to come towards a meditative space where inner peace and happiness may be achieved.

Healing Anxiety - Yoga meets Counselling

The Yoga forAnxiety course I’ve developed is unique because it draws together two different worlds...the comparatively recent mental health industry and the ancient practice of yoga. Because anxiety (like many other illnesses) is felt very physically in the body it makes sense that healing anxiety can't always happen through talking alone. The body has a wisdom of it's own that needs to be heard and listened to since it is communicating with us to help us to heal. The wisdom of the body combined with support and freedom to 'open up' and really be with our feelings will be part of the healing process.

This yoga course is designed with a grounded understanding of dealing with anxiety from a counselling perspective. Since anxiety can be isolating as it often feels that we are the only people experiencing such feelings, the course is created to provide a 'safe enough' small and friendly group space to help reduce that sense of isolation. We will be working through many different techniques including relaxation and meditation, mindfulness, EFT techniques, mudras, pranayama, chakra and energy work, and yoga postures for grounding and calming that you can learn and practice at home further. We will also explore the use of aromatherapy to help reduce anxiety.

Course dates available on request

This 8 hour course comprises 4 two-hour modules, running over consecutive weekends.

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