Five easy ways to balance your chakras

The seven chakras:

The word chakra translates as ‘spinning wheel of light’. The seven chakras are considered to be energy centres, located along the subtle spine, which rule different parts of the body and various different mental/emotional functions. In yoga the most important energy flow is through the spine so when our chakras are out of balance the flow of energy can become blocked. But when our chakras are in balance, energy flows easily and our mind/body and spirit is also balanced and in good health. 

Difficulties in life and repressed emotions/reactions can alter the chakra energy, pulling it out of balance. Often chakra energy becomes under or over active, which is actually quite easy to identify...for example,  an underactive solar plexus may be shown by feeling tired, sluggish and unable to act/speak assertively whereas an overactive solar plexus may be shown through gestures of grandiosity, frequent angry or aggressive behaviour or simply being unable to slow down. 

Sometimes where there is a longer-term, chronic problem then continued attention in multiple ways may be needed to re-balance the energy. If it keeps coming out of balance then the answer is likely to be in our thinking about the past/future and the life we have built around ourselves. 

Thankfully though, chakra energy is generally quite easy to bring back into balance and doesn’t take long at all.   

Base/root chakra - Muladhara.

Located at the tailbone of the spine.

Colour is red, element is earth. 

It rules the physical body, lowest vertebrae of the spine, the colon, legs, knees, ankles and feet. It relates to grounding, survival and our need to feel safe in the world.

Sacral chakra - Swadhisthana

Located in the pelvic region.

Colour is orange, element is water. 

It relates to the emotional body and is our seat of feelings as they arise in the body. It rules the hips, reproductive organs for women, the bladder, kidneys and sexuality. 

Solar plexus chakra - Manipura.

Located above the naval in the centre of the body. 

Colour is yellow, element is fire. 

It is the source of our personal power, our ability to act in the world. It rules to our digestive system, liver and pancreas.

Heart chakra - Anahata

Located in the heart centre.

Colour is green or light pink for the higher heart energy.  

It is the source of unconditional love and nurture, acting as the bridge between the lower and higher chakras. It rules our heart, breasts, mid back and lungs.

Throat chakra - Vishuddha.

Located in the throat area.

Colour is light blue, element is space/ether (the container for all other elements). 

It relates to our power of speech and our ability to be our authentic self in the world around us. It rules the neck, shoulders, mouth, jaw and thyroid.

Third eye chakra - Ajna

Located in between the eyebrows.

Colour is deep indigo blue, no element. 

It relates to our inner wisdom, our centre of intuition. It rules our mind energy.

Crown chakra - Sahasrara

Located at the crown of the head.

Colour is light purple/white, no element. 

It relates to spiritual connection to our higher selves and others. Together with the third eye chakra it rules our pituitary and pineal glands and the entire nervous system.

Five simple ways to bring balance:

1) Simply sit and close your eyes for a minute or two. Take your awareness down to the area where the chakra sits in the body and breathe. Take a little time to allow your breathing to settle into an easy, rhythmic pattern, doing this alone is enough for you to establish a connection with the chakra energy and bring greater balance.

2) Wear the colour associated with the chakra, either in clothing or jewellery or perhaps for longer term difficulties paint or dress a room in the house with the colour of a chakra. Just remember that the lower chakras (red, orange and yellow) aren’t good for sleeping, these are stimulating and are better placed in kitchen or dining areas. 

3) Choose a crystal relating to the chakra you wish to balance. This needn’t be complicated, simply take your awareness to the chakra you intend to balance and choose the crystal you feel most drawn towards. This will allow your intuition to take over and you may end up with a crystal you wouldn’t expect but one which will bring you what you need. 

If you know how to do dowsing then choosing crystals this way is also a helpful technique to stop logical thinking from taking over. The most simple method of all is just to choose a crystal that relates to the colour of the chakra you want to balance, for example howlite or blue calcite for the throat, or citrine for the solar plexus. 

4) Eat food connected to the colour or element of the chakra you wish to balance. For example, think orange food for the sacral chakra, oranges, peaches, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. Or green food for the heart, green beans, kale, spinach, apples etc. If you want to balance the base chakra then root vegetables are also very helpful.

5) Finally, look to Mother Nature to bring balance to the chakras. The first four chakras connect to an element (earth, water, fire and air) so we can easily balance these by taking ourselves to a space where we can connect with this energy. For example, woodland walks, dipping toes into a river, sitting out in the sunshine or breathing in fresh lungfuls for air. 

Since the throat chakra is represented by ether (which is the container for all the other energies) you can engage with this space energy by sitting somewhere you can take in all of the above element; earth, air, fire and water. The beach is the ideal place to enjoy the way these energies combine within the container element of ether. 

The third eye and crown chakra don’t have an associated element but balancing them is also easy and silence is often the best method. Take yourself to a quiet space of nature, start by breathing evenly, listening to sounds around you, watching the environment and noticing how your body feels. Notice each and then come back again to your breath. Connect with the deeper sense of self that exists below the world of senses and thought. Every time you find yourself carried away on a train of thoughts or identifying with only your sensations just bring yourself back to the breath and the stillness within.

Tip to maintain the balance:

The most important thing to remember when bringing balance to chakra energies is that the body wants to be in balance. Change is a constant in the world in which we live so our energies are always in a state of flux yet as human beings we are often striving for balance in such big ways that we forget to take our attention to the smaller ones.

Each morning set your intention to be balanced in your energy and to be protected from anything that would de-stabilise that balance. Intention goes a long way in working with any of the more subtle/spiritual energies. 

Namaste 🙏🏼 

Rosie Haysom


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