Astrology and Yoga News Letter!!

Have you been feeling a bit heavy and put upon? Wondering whether you should simply retreat somewhere and forget everything for a while? Don't worry, it's probably not just you as there has been some incredibly tricky astrological weather recently!

Mars (aggression, drive and action) is conjunct Saturn (restriction, delays, daily tasks and karma) in the sign of Capricorn (the earthy and grounded sign of ambition, hard work and determination). This heavy aspect can make us feel angry and stressed by things, and people, that are seeming to restrict us. 

Alongside Mars and Saturn in Capricorn we also have Pluto (deep transformation) and Lilith (a darker side to us and our fears) too. These heavyweights are creating a difficult energy as they are stand in potential conflict with the Sun (our ego, will and soul purpose) and Mercury (our communication, thinking and short journeys) which are situated in Aries (the fiery sign of self, I, me and my needs and desires). 

Because Mercury in Aries is also retrograde we may well be rethinking, reviewing and re-evaluating many situations in our lives as well as finding ourselves brought back to discuss subjects of conversation - and people too - that we thought we'd dealt with already.

Add to that the fabulous Full Moon on Saturday 31st in the sign of Libra (our relationships with other people, diplomacy, balance and peace) and you may well have found this one of the most tricky times of the year. 

The good news is, astrology...and energy generally...changes constantly. These heavier themes will soon move on (a few days to a week for the Mars-Saturn aspect) so you'll be feeling lighter soon.

The Mercury Retrograde will continue for some time until April 15th. Mercury retrograde gets a bad press as we find communication can be misleading and things don't seem quite what we think they are during this time. However, they happen 3-4 times a year and create a brilliant energy for going inwards and exploring how life is working for us and what may need to change.

BEST ADVICE FOR NOW Look after yourself and your own energy as much as you can and try not to overreact to situations where you're feeling constrained. 

Yoga breathing every single day will help hugely, simply inhaling to the slow count of four and exhaling to the slow count of four, increasing the exhale to five and six, even up to eight if you can. Inhale and exhale through the nose if possible as mouth breathing is more of a 'stress response' for babies so we can say that this also likely applies to us too. 

Remember your exhale takes your body into the para-sympathetic nervous system, allowing you to release stress and bring the body back to that calm state following the fight/flight response, which happens way too frequently in our modern lifestyles.

Supported Shoulder Stand


The best yoga poses for now are gentle, relaxing ones. Try supported shoulder stand with a block or cushion supporting the sacral spine (see the image). Rest here and feel the body and mind becoming calmer as you breathe evenly for up to 1-3 minutes.


Alternatively, try Supported Bridge (similar to the image but with the feet placed on the floor, knees bent, hip-width distance apart). You can find the pose then press the feet into the floor to lift your bottom and place a block or cushion underneath the sacral spine until you find the right height for you.

This pose is meant to relax and rejuvenate so there should be no pain whatsoever. Adjust the placement and height of the block until it feels just right.

Savasana pose of course with some Yoga Nidra or Relaxations from YouTube will be very helpful too. I'm hoping to add more stuff to my LimeYoga YouTube site at some point in time but for now there are a few of my relaxations on there and two yoga classes also. Though I will add here that the two yoga classes were done quite some time ago and edited by my lovely daughter before editing was made quite as easy as it is now. They are just a little embarrassing for me so as soon as I add more to my site I will delete them!



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