So you want the perfect yoga body? You already have it...

You’d be forgiven for thinking that people who do yoga are a bunch of green juicing, spiritual junkies, prancing around in yoga leggings and contorting their bodies into confusing pretzel-like positions or carrying out amazing acrobatic feats.  It is true that there are some yogi’s who can do the most incredible things but this is not yoga!  

Whilst most people can tell you what a downward dog pose is meant to look like many have no idea of the true purpose of yoga.  The yoga poses are just a part of what we do to help the body become strong enough and flexible enough to sit comfortably for meditation.  Because not being able to sit comfortably makes meditation incredibly difficult. 

Yoga is for everybody and every ‘body’... 

Unfortunately because of our obsession in the Western world over what our bodies look like we have created a dichotomised understanding of yoga as both the tool for achieving a perfect body and the creation of inner peace. 

Yoga is not a route to physical perfection...

With the media fascination over a perfect body and the multi-billlion pound beauty industry behind it we are constantly bombarded with health, beauty and well-being advice to spend our money on.  Sadly, the true purpose of yoga has been confused by media.

The direct translation of yoga is ‘union’. While many people assume this means the union of body, mind and soul it is actually the the opposite. Yoga is really achieved when we connect to our true self, to our essential nature or life-force. This is done by realising that we are not our body, nor our mind, these are distractions to our true nature, which is always at peace. 

In a yoga class the intention is to find space away from the continuous thoughts of the mind and the sometimes painful sensations of the body. We do this in many different ways including the connection of breath and movement. We try to stop our attention from being distracted from the present moment; where life really happens.

So let go of media fuelled images and know that when you walk into a class you should expect to find a space to connect deeply within. No yoga class should be competitive or a place for comparing ourselves with others. When looking for a yoga class, look for somewhere you feel welcome and comfortable. Somewhere you will be able to be kind to yourself be work at your own level.

Namaste 🙏🏼 

Rosie Haysom


For every ‘body’

Tuesday/Friday/Saturday in Oxted

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