Retrograde season and the Full Moon in Libra - A time to review and re-evaluate love in our lives

Tuesday 11th April sees a beautiful full moon in the sign of Libra (the sign of partnership, justice, harmony and long-term relationships). Generally speaking a full moon is a time of culmination, of things coming to fruition, and this full moon may also bring an element of surprise.

Full moons are usually an emotionally heightened time. This full moon in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries (the sign of self) so there is a tension is being formed between the needs of ourselves and others. 

The tense aspect is heightened further by the presence of Uranus (planet of unexpected and sudden developments, as well as technology) being conjunct (in the same sign/very close to) the Sun. 

The full moon in Libra is also conjunct retrograde Jupiter (planet of expansion) heightening the dynamic further still. 

And then there's heavyweight Pluto (transformation, control and the unconscious mind) in Capricorn squaring off against the full moon and sun too. Pluto is preparing to retrograde so it has slowed down and we can feel its impact more.

With many of the personal planets involved or retrograde it is fair to say that this full moon packs an emotional punch. This will most likely be felt this in love or within that dynamic balancing of the relationship between ourself (Aries) and others (Libra).

The full moon is set against the intense backdrop of retrograde season since many of the planets this April are in retrograde (travelling backwards as seen from the earth). Planets that are retrograde are felt more powerfully and therefore add another layer of depth to this intense astrological time.

Venus (planet of love, beauty and value) is a big player in this as her retrograde is rarer than other planets. Planetoid Chiron (the wounded healer) is with her in the compassionate, heartfelt, though sometimes a little martyred, sign of Pisces. This focuses us on our deeper needs with regard to both the things and people we love, value and find beautiful. 

Venus rules Libra (the full moon) and also rules Taurus, which is the sign that Mercury (planet of communication, understanding and thinking) has just gone retrograde in. Mercury in Taurus adds a a slightly easier dynamic since he sextiles Venus and Chiron, helping aid our quest to understand ourselves better in love.

Now let's include major player Saturn (daily task master, karma and limitation) retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius (the truth seeker) and we can see some hugely 'activating' karmic learning possibilities around us.

Since there are so many planets retrograde we may find something/someone from our past comes up again, possibly suddenly or explosively thanks to the Uranus involvement in the full moon. Or even via technology, which Uranus also rules.

If there's a situation that's been unresolved for some time then the planetary configuration right now is ripe for helping that to resolve. It can bring a depth of understanding that has been missing to either enable closure or help things move forward more healthily. This may not be immediate so be patient and open to the unexpected. 

It's an exciting time as the sun is in Aries so we all want to push forward and yet there are many retrograde planets pulling us back to better understand or resolve something in our past. This dimension, alongside this full moon's aspect of tension between self and other, can leave us feeling a little confused, wanting to do something about how we feel but perhaps not really understanding things fully. 

Best advice; take some time to focus on yourself, feel the emotions around you and inside of you, and accept that this is an 'activating' time that may bring stuff up for deep healing. Venus is due to move forwards soon (though she will still be in shadow for a while) so try not to act rashly since what we think we want may change. 

The retrogrades, which increase a planet's power, create an internal focus as opposed to an external one. With so many planets retrograde this is a great time for re-thinking, reviewing, re-doing stuff we may have thought we had all sewn up a while ago. It is a time of introspection that gives us a chance to understand ourselves and others more deeply so that when we move forward again we can do so with greater knowledge and a clearer path. 

The current Venus in Pisces-Saturn in Sagittarius (love/value against restriction/karma) square, with Chiron in Pisces (deep healing) behind it is contributing to the tension of this full moon and will be felt for a while longer. 

For an even deeper understanding of the areas in which this full moon affect you, check out your personal birthchart to find out the Houses in which these planets sit. 

Suffice to say though, there aren't many of us that will 'escape' the far-reaching affects of this planetary line up so be as kind as you can to yourself and know that there is some deep restructuring going on internally (and externally) that will have a hugely positive affect in the longer term.

Rosie Haysom 

Yoga Teacher, Counsellor and Founder of Yoga2Talk Therapy (as well as Astrology lover!) 

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