Lunar Eclipse Thursday - Break Free!!!!

This Thursday morning (UK time) sees a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. A Lunar Eclipse is significantly more powerful than the usual Full Moon so even though this one is only partial we can really benefit from the release it will bring. Full Moons and Eclipses are about something coming to light, fullness & release and endings to allow new beginnings.

This Lunar Eclipse is happening in Aquarius and aspects well with Uranus (Aquarius' ruling planet) so this is the ideal time to break free, rebel against your past and become the person you want to be.

If you've been feeling held back, stuck or have strayed off your path then this Lunar Eclipse will serve to free you and pull you back in the right direction.

There's a Solar Eclipse coming in two weeks with a further Full Lunar Eclipse after that so the next few weeks are a powerful time indeed.

With Mars (the God of War) no longer retrograde and finally out of its shadow period and Saturn (the Archetypal Father Figure) just turned direct things are definitely on the up, although you may have been feeling quite heavy before the change as Saturn slowed to a halt to station direct.

However, before we can really begin to enjoy the benefits of this Lunar Eclipse and Saturn direct, we may hit a bump in the road as Mars and Saturn are conjunct on August 24th. Watch out for tempers flaring, particularly against restrictions or perceived restrictions.

So how can you use this Lunar Eclipse to help you get ready for where you want to be in a few weeks/months time....?

Any spiritual or quiet pursuit would be ideal and if yoga is your thing then do some yoga; perhaps focusing on forward bends and exhalations to allow your body to release and relax.

If that doesn't feel right for you then you could take a refreshing walk in nature, sit quietly & meditate, or simply spend time relaxing in Savasana (yogi relaxation pose) as you visualise yourself releasing and letting go.

Remember....It's all about the intention!

So what could you let go may want to let go of old patterns of thinking & behaving, difficult memories & past traumas and perhaps even negative connections with people who may have been dragging you down and draining your energy.

You can start these practises leading up to, during and just after the Full Moon and they're equally useful for any Full Moon as for this one.

In yoga class today we spent a few moments writing down what we wanted to release on a piece of paper and then after asana practise we tore up the paper before relaxing into Savasana...

Happy Releasing!!!!


Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 (dynamic vinyasa flow)

Tuesdays 10:45-11:45 (very gentle yoga for pain management and deep relaxation)

& Saturdays 9:45-10:45 (mixed abilities flow)

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