Yoga, Astrology and the New Moon - Intention Setting using Adhara Mudra

This Monday 18th May brings us the beautiful, earthy energy of a New Moon in Taurus. Ruled by Venus the planet of love, the Earth sign Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Those born under this sign are often practical, dependable, forceful and sensual with a love of good food and material things. The Sanskrit name for Taurus is 'Vrishabha' meaning 'The Bull' which represents perfectly its headstrong nature.

The New Moon is a time of symbolic and literal re-birth making it ideal for starting projects, setting intentions, and for new beginnings generally. As the New Moon is in the sign of Taurus intention setting around Taurean concepts and attributes are particularly favoured so this would be a great time for starting a new healthy eating plan, for putting in place new financial strategies or simply for re-connecting to ourselves and to nature.

We've all heard about the power of positive thinking, visualisation and manifestation; intention setting is another 'string to your bow' in creating the life you desire. The conscious use of mudras (meaning 'gesture' or 'seal' in Sanskrit) can support positive change by evoking certain qualities of the mind, body and spirit.

Set yourself an intention (phrased as a short, positive statement in the present moment such as 'I love my body and nourish it with healthy food') and start to visualise this intention as though it is already happening. For example, how would you feel, think and look if you loved your body and nourished it with the food you ate. Then around the period of this New Moon try following the steps below to evoke a powerful and positive new beginning using Adhara mudra - the gesture of openess to receive abundance.

- Find a quiet place to sit down comfortably either cross-legged or on a chair so you can sit tall and create space throughout the spine.

- Hold your hands in Adhara mudra in front of your stomach and allow your shoulders to relax and release down your back.

- Become aware of your breath moving through your body and allow yourself to become still.

- Start to 'feel into' the sensations created by this mudra by focusing your awareness on the open space between your palms.

- Consciously let go of any limiting beliefs you may have that could prevent your chosen new beginnning and then gently start to become aware of your intention

- And finally, repeat your intention three times silently or aloud and allow it to 'settle' before releasing your hands and opening your eyes.

Don't forget, you now need to look out for the opportunities and possibilities that will be created for you to help you achieve your chosen intention. With Mercury (the planet of Communication) retrograde at the moment this is a time to slow down, go with the flow and allow things to develop rather than try to 'force' them so be patient and remember that all good things come to those who wait...especially when waiting with positive intention!

Namaste :)

Adhara Mudra


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