Protecting your data​:

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation all businesses are required to show how they use and protect your data and yoga businesses must of course do the same. Below I've written out the Lime Yoga Privacy Policy, which applies to the the practice, website and services that I offer. Please feel free to ask me (Rosie Haysom - Data Controller for Lime Yoga) if you have any further questions. 

Clients attending 1:1 yoga or healing therapy will be given a yoga questionnaire in which they provide information such as name, address, phone number, personal yoga history, general health, medical conditions and injuries that may influence their yoga practise as well as the areas of yoga in which they are particularly interested. This standard questionnaire also requests a signature stating the information provided is correct to the best of the client's knowledge.

Clients attending group classes are asked about injuries or medical conditions that may affect their yoga and are requested to keep the data controller up to date with these. No notes will be made or held unless the client attends 1:1 yoga or healing therapy.


From May 25th 2018, clients are also required to read and agree to a short paragraph which states how information is processed, held and protected by Lime Yoga as well as the client's rights to access their data or be forgotten by Lime Yoga.  This signature is required in order to attend classes and private yoga sessions. 


If a client has submitted their contact details to this website or contacted the data controller regarding yoga or healing therapy, their details are held on a database and occasional emails may be sent out for marketing purposes or to offer repeat booking details. Should a client wish to unsubscribe they may do so at any time simply by typing 'unsubscribe' in a return email or similarly by texting 'unsubscribe'. 


For the purposes of this data privacy document a 'client' is considered to be someone who attends Lime Yoga classes, has 1-2-1 yoga or healing therapy.


Contact details for Lime Yoga clients are held on a password protected smart phone, accessible only by the Data Controller.