Intuitive Astrological Counselling & Astrology Readings 


After many years of both loving and learning about astrology I began to see how powerful a tool it is for helping us to grow, develop and understand ourselves, and that this transformational tool fits perfectly with my work as both Yoga Teacher and Talk Therapist. 


Astrology gives us much needed insight into our greatest challenges, our deepest healing potential, our emotional needs, our innate talents and our soul purpose in this lifetime, amongst many other things.


My intuitive astrological counselling sessions help people to understand and transform deeper aspects of themselves that they may have been stuck with for some time.  These therapy sessions can be 'one off', or part of a course, using the healing power of yoga, counselling and astrology alongside each other.

Of course, not everyone will want to delve deeply into their soul purpose or deepest healing potential so my astrology readings can also be focused on more practical and mundane things, such as what career would be best, what to do to improve communication generally, or with parters, and how to cope with issues of self esteem, health or money.  Since all areas of life are represented within the birth chart, a reading can give insight into more or less anything.

Having explored many different systems of astrology one the years through workshops, courses, literature and, of course, following and learning about the meaning of planetary transits with some of my favourite astrologers, I've finally decided to train in Evolutionary Astrology.  This beautiful, soul-based approach to astrology feels like the best fit for the way I understand the world and the work that I do

Intuitive Astrological Counselling:

£70 for 1 hour 

£99 for 90 minutes

Astrology Reading:

£105 for 1 hour (online 1:1 with optional recording)

Mini Taster Astrology Reading:

£50 for 30 mins (online 1:1 with optional recording)

Talk, Embody & Heal (with Astrology):

Identify healing needs and areas of blockage in the body / mind using the birth chart & shift them using yoga & talk therapy 

£75 for 1 hour 

£105 for 90 minutes