oxted, woldingham & caterham, surrey

What to Expect in Class 

Firstly, each of one my classes is small and friendly as I want EVERYONE to feel COMFORTABLE in the classYou'll find that I remind people that there is NO 'perfect' pose to achieve since we're all so different and works for one person won't necessarily work for another. Plus, yoga is actually about being not doing and achieving a pose is 'doing'.

I teach a mixture of styles, depending upon the class itself (SEE BELOW). Classes may contain a flowing vinyasa style, held hatha style poses, restorative poses and also some yin poses. Variations are often given in the more physical classes so that people can feel comfortable to join without worrying whether they can 'keep up'.  However, the breath is the most important thing! And if you're connecting breath to movement with the intention to work towards stillness of mind and inner connection then that's YOGA.

Teaching to the Collective Energy of The Moment:

 I usually teach each of my classes to  an intuitively determined theme or aim, which may be based on moon phases, seasonal changes, theory behind yoga and astrological transits. I always bear in mind what's happening in the world around us and how that may create more challenging or draining energies that our yoga can help balance. 


But you don't need to be into astrology, believe in spiritual concepts, or even have any understanding of the purpose of yoga at all to attend my classes. This is just my way of 'intuitively accessing' the energy of the moment so that classes fit people's needs at that time.  In the same way that painting, journaling and photography gives an insight into someone's state of mind mind or intentions... moon phases, seasonal changes and astrology give me an insight into my Teaching Intentions.

For me, the bit of yoga I love teaching above all is the relaxations and meditations, helping us to really get into our bodies, release the control of the mind (which often serves to create stress or pressure), connect to the healing power of presence and breath. I often use sound therapy, with crystal singing bowls and koshi chimes at the end of the class too, to help aid deeper relaxation. 


Since my classes are so 'current energy' focused this means that even a dynamic class may become slower and more meditative if I feel the 'collective energy' of the moment is right.



This class is my strongest class in terms of the asana (posture) practice so you'll need either need a reasonable level of fitness or a good knowledge of yoga to join. There's a focus on building strength, fitness, confidence and flexibility but never at the expense of enjoying the breathing, relaxation and philosophical understandings that yoga can bring.


A beautifully gentle class perfectly suited to anyone suffering with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or just needing to take things slower and relax deeply. We always start lying down - breathing and relaxing and connecting to the intention for the class - then we gently stretch, ease and strengthen the body before returning to more relaxation at the end. No previous yoga experience is needed to join this class



Mindful yoga is also suitable for all abilities and newcomers too. Because it's based on being really present and aware, it's slower paced than the 'Mixed Ability Yoga Flow' class but more physical than the 'Very Gentle Yoga' and 'Calming Yoga and Long Guided Relaxation' classes. Extra time is allowed for relaxation as it's my longest class (70 minutes) so there's a good 10 minute 'come into the present moment' at the beginning and always time for a decent relaxation/meditation at the end.


Yoga for Wellbeing is my newest and most unique class, focused on giving us space and opportunity to heal our bodies, balance our minds and soothe our souls. The intention of the class is to bring wellbeing, healing and deep peace.  This class brings together the wisdom of yoga with the natural rhythms of our earth and skies. The class focus changes each week to align with the current energy.  Healing (often restorative or yin) asana, energy balancing pranayama, visualisation, affirmations, working with elements and chakras, sound therapy, yoga philosophy and 'practical' spiritual philosophy as well as Yoga Nidra are the healing tools of this class. 


This class is created to suit as many people as possible. It gives you the chance to either deepen your postures or take them down a notch or two. The lovely class is suitable for a newbie to yoga since it's both inclusive and set at a pace that is easy to follow. For anyone who is worried about fitness levels it might be a good idea to  a one to one first or try the a gentler class first so you know what to expect.