Struggling with Anxiety? Find an alternative path to freedom with ‘Yoga for Anxiety’

NEW Unique ‘Yoga for Anxiety’ course created by Experienced Counsellor, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Yoga2Talk Therapy “My anxiety was debilitating for many years and Rosie’s counselling sessions were unique and very laid back. It was a joy to go there. They helped me open up and be in touch with my feelings which were buried for some time” (Client with Generalised Anxiety Disorder) What is Anxiety? The effect of anxiety can be incredibly debilitating for the people who suffer from it and difficult for those around them to truly understand and appreciate. Chronic anxiety (significant anxiety that has carried on for over three months) frequently leads people to change their lifestyle so that

Five easy ways to balance your chakras

The seven chakras: The word chakra translates as ‘spinning wheel of light’. The seven chakras are considered to be energy centres, located along the subtle spine, which rule different parts of the body and various different mental/emotional functions. In yoga the most important energy flow is through the spine so when our chakras are out of balance the flow of energy can become blocked. But when our chakras are in balance, energy flows easily and our mind/body and spirit is also balanced and in good health. Difficulties in life and repressed emotions/reactions can alter the chakra energy, pulling it out of balance. Often chakra energy becomes under or over active, which is actually quite eas

So you want the perfect yoga body? You already have it...

You’d be forgiven for thinking that people who do yoga are a bunch of green juicing, spiritual junkies, prancing around in yoga leggings and contorting their bodies into confusing pretzel-like positions or carrying out amazing acrobatic feats.  It is true that there are some yogi’s who can do the most incredible things but this is not yoga! Whilst most people can tell you what a downward dog pose is meant to look like many have no idea of the true purpose of yoga.  The yoga poses are just a part of what we do to help the body become strong enough and flexible enough to sit comfortably for meditation.  Because not being able to sit comfortably makes meditation incredibly difficult. Yoga is fo

Astrology and Yoga News Letter!!

Have you been feeling a bit heavy and put upon? Wondering whether you should simply retreat somewhere and forget everything for a while? Don't worry, it's probably not just you as there has been some incredibly tricky astrological weather recently! Mars (aggression, drive and action) is conjunct Saturn (restriction, delays, daily tasks and karma) in the sign of Capricorn (the earthy and grounded sign of ambition, hard work and determination). This heavy aspect can make us feel angry and stressed by things, and people, that are seeming to restrict us. Alongside Mars and Saturn in Capricorn we also have Pluto (deep transformation) and Lilith (a darker side to us and our fears) too. These heavy

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