Me & My Journey 

When I first found yoga I'd already been working as a Counsellor for a few years and had spent much longer still on my own therapeutic journey, searching what I felt were the missing pieces that would complete my healing. I had been experiencing chronic pain for many years and was looking for a way to feel like my body was my own, not dependent upon someone fixing me all the time. Yoga's balance of stretching, strengthening and breathing was something I had never experienced before and I knew straight away that it was going to mean a lot to me. 

But yoga was so much more than I could ever have expected. It illuminated a whole new dimension to my life and I fell in love with the peacefulness of a deeper connection to myself - my own essence or soul if you like - that it provided. Though I do still experience pain in my body (having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years back) I have a way to manage this pain and, more importantly, I have a way to find space away from my pain, a space that is deeper within me.


This new-found understanding of healing and the 'self' inspired me to create my very own integrated practice of Intuitive Yoga & Talk Therapy. Here I use a decade's worth of counselling skills and knowledge alongside intuitively given poses, breath-work, chakra healing, Yoga Nidra (see Calming Yoga) and meditations. My belief is that this more 'wholistic' body and mind approach to healing can to bring about the best possible healing experiences for others. 


Mind, body, emotions and spirit are interconnected and it is our body that provides the 'ground' (earth) for all of our experiences. Our body holds trauma memories inside our cells and any (non-embodied) exploration through mind alone will inevitably have significant limitation. 

My views of healing have transformed and I've seen how the counselling world had been prioritising mind over body just as the medical world had been prioritising body over mind. Though of course this is changing and this old understanding in both the counselling and medical world is now becoming largely outdated. 

Over time, and with the regular practice of Yoga Nidra, I saw that I'd been attaching stories to my thoughts, my emotions and the sensations in my body, and that these stories (based on my past experiences) were causing my pain. I'd been trapped in a way of understanding myself that I'd never realised held such power over me and I'd constantly been thinking that the the route to satisfaction was always based on something else or someone else. 


Consequently, I've made the decision to finish my counselling practice and dedicate myself to teaching Yoga and balancing both mind and body with Yoga & Talk Therapy. I am excited to be able to fully embrace the beautiful precept of yoga, which says that we are all already whole and perfect, all we need to do is come home to our true nature.

Finally, I would like to honour all of my wonderful teachers, both yoga and counselling - and especially Debbie Avani of Avani Yoga Academy - all of whom have made such an impact on my work and life choices. There are too many to name them all since they span over a decade, and life has perhaps been my biggest teacher of all. 

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and so each and everything that is taught now, has likely been taught before. It is simply the teacher who provides a lens through which to observe all the wonderful knowledge handed down from teacher to teacher over the years.


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