Private Yoga Tuition

Yoga 1:1s are great for giving you a deeper understanding of yoga, regardless of whether it's the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual benefits you're seeking. I find that people often come to me focusing on one area (such as relaxation or a desire to work the body physically) but because the benefits of yoga are so broad they are often surprised to find themselves exploring and falling in love with something totally different.
'tailor' each session to suit your personal needs and focus on teaching a practice you can begin to remember.  Not only are the postures tailored to your requirements, so are the breathing, relaxation and meditation practices. I want to inspire you to find a practice you can connect with so that you can incorporate it into your lifestyle. 

In the first session, I'll spend a bit of time with you just asking some questions about what you want from yoga, as well as listening to your personal history so that we can make sure we meet your needs as best as possible.

Yoga tuition and Yoga Therapy is usually carried out in my Little Lime Yoga Room in Bluehouse Lane in the heart of Oxted

*Individual sessions
£65 for 1 hour
£90 for 90 mins
*Couples & Small groups
£75 for 1 hour
£105 for 90 mins

oxted, woldingham & caterham, surrey